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The courts may be the only hope for the river

Maryland sues Statoil after accident : Views and News from Norway.

And, again, how are we energy independent when a state-owned foreign company controls a third of Chesapeake energy?


It’s just one of those things …

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

The local farmer, who presumably leased the land where this happened, is upset.  He hopes others don’t blame him.  Wow.  I really sympathize. 

Suck it up pal.  The profiteers – largely Chesapeake, et. al., but also you, should be reimbursing the commonwealth.  Because those are OUR waters!  You got a lot of money to lease and stand to make a lot more once the well starts to produce.  How about establishing a clean water trust for Leroy Township.

Daniel Spadoni, of the North-central Regional Office Department of Environmental Protection, said no press releases concerning the incident had been released from DEP as of this date.

Oh man, can you imagine?  The wordsmithing on this one must be reaching the highest levels in Harrisburg.

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