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The courts may be the only hope for the river

Maryland sues Statoil after accident : Views and News from Norway.

And, again, how are we energy independent when a state-owned foreign company controls a third of Chesapeake energy?


Not holding my breath

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Chesapeake was expected to “be in a stand-down mode on hydraulic fracturing”

via State ponders penalties over drilling site mishap.

I just cannot see the Corbett administration putting the brakes on fracking, let alone Chesapeake.  They will find a way to make it look like that, but Chesapeak will march on.  And, keep an eye on this site, Chesapeake has a lot of money in it already – I bet they come back.

How do they even fracking know?

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Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy officials say the environmental impact is minimal.

via News and Talk of Sonoma County.

It’s just one of those things …

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The local farmer, who presumably leased the land where this happened, is upset.  He hopes others don’t blame him.  Wow.  I really sympathize. 

Suck it up pal.  The profiteers – largely Chesapeake, et. al., but also you, should be reimbursing the commonwealth.  Because those are OUR waters!  You got a lot of money to lease and stand to make a lot more once the well starts to produce.  How about establishing a clean water trust for Leroy Township.

Daniel Spadoni, of the North-central Regional Office Department of Environmental Protection, said no press releases concerning the incident had been released from DEP as of this date.

Oh man, can you imagine?  The wordsmithing on this one must be reaching the highest levels in Harrisburg.

via Bradford County PA Gas Well Incident |

Riparian zones

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Chesapeake Energy, one of the state’s most active Marcellus Shale drillers, has been issued 30 notices of violations from the DEP for its operations in the state this year. The company has been cited 284 times for violations since the start of 2008 and has been subject to 58 enforcement actions by environmental regulators, according to DEP records.

Keep in mind that “violations” must first be approved by Governor Corbett.

‘Equipment failure’ blamed in well blowout – Drilling – Citizens Voice.

This pad was located nearly on top of a tributary to Towanda Creek.  As I got in an email recently:

John Hanger, former head of PA DEP and now an attorney for a large law firm which proudly states its affiliation with the Marcellus Shale Coalition, was quoted thus:
” Hanger repeated his call for modernization of Pennsylvania’s 25-year-old oil and gas law. He also touted a new regulation that mandates 150-foot buffers from pristine waterways, meant to protect more than 25,000 miles of high-quality streams and rivers. However, that regulation largely exempted oil and gas wells, requiring only that they leave existing buffers undisturbed “to the extent practicable.”

So, new regulations were placed in effect to protect streams, but that regulation exempted the gas companies!  This should be front and center in follow-up reporting on this industrial accident.