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It’s Not Water

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Note that the post doesn’t read Frac Water, which is what the industry has successfully named it!

The Safe Water Drinking Act requires drillers to obtain a permit to use diesel fuel in a mixture of water, brine and sand that they inject into the ground in the fracing process. However, diesel is the only substance for which drillers must seek a permit:

It’s not water folks. Let’s change this label so we can debate it honestly. he “water” that is used to frac the wells is not really water anymore.It’s a much more complex compound. It’s now a fluid that contains water. Just like beer is not water. It’s laughable, almost.

Considering this frac fluid is now being dumped in our rivers and streams, it seems like we deserve to know what is in it.

Contact your Federal Representative and Senator and plead for their support for this bill: