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Irradiated PA Rivers

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

PADEP has issued a statement on radiation testing of PA rivers.  It’s quite low on specifics.  What the article fails to include or at least reference:

  1. What were the actual results?  And is there a baseline number – are there historical results of such tests, for comparison?
  2. Was the testing performed at a time when gas effluent would have been expected to be “flushed”?  Obviously, it’s not a 24/7 operation.
  3. Further, the article should explain the relatively small number of wells fracked, versus permitted, in many of the river watersheds mentioned.

Fortunately, the EPA is monitoring the situation and requesting additonal sampling:

Despite the results of Pennsylvania’s tests, the EPA said that concentrations of radium might vary depending on the source and volume of the wastewater as well as the flow of the water body that receives the treated effluent. Therefore, the EPA said, “to ensure public safety, additional sampling is needed.”

The EPA also said that it planned to inspect wastewater treatment facilities in the state’s natural-gas fields and would “utilize our federal authorities to require drinking water and wastewater monitoring if that becomes necessary.”

The common good is such a far-fetched notion these days.


A brave politician, defending his constituents (not really)

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Bradford County’s own Douglas McLinko references outdated, critically discredited study to back up the intimidated gas drilling industry. Phewww. They were nearly ready to collapse under PA’s regulatory burden until he jumped to get their back.

Congress and the EPA apparently did not consult with McLinko. The 2004 EPA study that he cites was never accepted by the scientific community. As such, it is being revised. Hearings have even happened right down the road from Mr. McLinko. Here you go sir: