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Very Big News

PFBC 2011 Press Release – Add 99 Stream to Wild Trout List.

This is one of the strongest protections Pennsylvania has to offer its streams.  Great.

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1-855-FISH-KIL (1-855-347-4545)

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Put in in your contacts and use it.

via PFBC 2011 Press Release – Pollution Hotline.

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Today’s fishermen MUST also be environmentalists

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“We know that deteriorating water quality is a significant factor contributing to the decline of the smallmouth bass population in portions of these rivers and we continue to work with other state agencies and conservation groups on the issue,” said PFBC Executive Director John Arway. “But at the same time, we can protect the existing bass population by reducing angling pressure on them.”

via Fish and Boat Commission Finalizes Susquehanna River Bass Regulations |

If water quality was not an issue, there would be no fishing restriction.  It is that simple.  Fishermen must assume an advocacy role in matters related to conservation and the environment.

The Rose Valley Frack Water Storage Facility

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The article doesn’t reference where exactly the extraction will occur, but rests assured we’ll have a new gravel pad developed, I’m sure, in a sensitive manner.

Lease money reaped by the commission will allow the commission to not only continue its streak of no fishing license fee increases for nearly a decade, but also help as an asset in a plan to possibly reduce the cost of such licensing through securing what he called alternative funding sources.

Throw the little people a bone, like a few bucks off a fishing license, so that we can continue to help the multi-national gas companies operate as efficiently as possible. 

I can hear the compressors now …