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Organic? Not so fast.

“If the air is fouled and the animals are drinking water that contains poisonous fracking chemicals, then products from those animals are going to have poisons …”

via How gas drilling contaminates your food – Sustainable food –

The vast majority of the upper Susquehanna region has been undergoing a local, organic, sustainable agriculture revolution.  The frack industry will surely compromise those efforts, making it that much more difficult for the region to compete and survive, post-frack.


Gas done wrong

Pennsylvania and Fracking | Earthjustice.

Very slick interactive map for “fraccidents” in PA.  (Wish I would have coined that term.)

DEP says bentonite from Pa. gas drilling site could be linked to contamination of W.Va. creek

DEP says bentonite from Pa. gas drilling site could be linked to contamination of W.Va. creek.

Might as well just save this one.  We’ll be reading articles like this for years to come.   Sigh.

We were only kidding

Gov: Drilling violations didn’t need OK from top –

This is grown up stuff, Mr. Corbett.  Get your act together and quit playing to your hack contributors.  You represent all of us.

‘Bout time Baltimore

Maryland will sue in Susquehanna tributary “fracking” spill –

Baltimore relys heavily on the Susquehanna River for its drinking water.  You wouldn’t know it, thought.  While Philadelphia and New York have been heavily involved in criticising fracking in their watersheds, Baltimore has been largely silent.

This move will bring a lot of weight to efforts to protect the Susquehanna River Watershed.

Tom Corbett is not a deep well

Perhaps we can bring in logging crews to cut down trees to bring in more dollars.

via Out West, campus gas wells not new – Page 2 –

Why is it that the only states we look to for comparison anymore are Texas and Oklahoma?  Does that speak well for the future?

Just a parlor trick

Lighting water on fire “is a parlor trick that really has nothing to do with hydraulic fracturing,” said Jim Smith, a spokesman for the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York State. Instead, he said, it’s caused by naturally occurring methane that gets into some water supplies regardless of whether there’s nearby drilling.

via Hydrofracking Worries Prompt Water-Safety Stickers in New York –

If anyone can find a source for these stickers, let me know.  Very effective.

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