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Gas dam blowout on Pine Creek

High Waters Wash Out Dam – WNEP.

Repeat after me.  All the well-intentioned volunteer stream monitoring efforts can be wiped out in single instances like this.  Pine Creek may be a local treasure.  But to local trans-national gas companies from Texas and Oklahoma, its nothing more than either and obstacle or a resource.  They want to use it or get across it, that’s all.  Don’t believe the billboards.  And start getting involved, before everything is gone.


Sad, so sad


Texas Company Pays $208,625 in Settlements for Polluting Creeks in Clearfield County |

The fines collected for the pollution of these streams is being used to purchase limestone to mitigate effects of pollution on other streams from coal mining!

What a sick circle of life death for our streams!

Their solution is dilution

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1 regulator for every 167 square miles

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Governor Corbet’s budget introduced no severance tax on the gas industry.  And it did not increase DEP staff charged with overseeing said industry.  So, let’s see …

The Marcellus Shale underlies approximately 75 percent of the state (Pennsylvania).  Pennsylvania’s land mass comprises approximately 45,000 square miles.  With some basic math, let’s say Pennsylvania has 33,750 Marcellus square miles.  That equals 167 square miles per regulator.  Or with a more common unit, one square mile equals 640 acres.  That leaves us with one regulator for every 106,930 acres.   Sounds about right.

Fracking the desert – seriously

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Karoo is about to get fracked.  And there ain’t a damn thing anyone is gonna do about it.  Royal Dutch Shell is about to bring some prosperity to that arid little corner of the world.  But, don’t worry:

Shell South Africa chairman Bonang Mohale says the latest technology will be used to avoid contamination.

Here’s a future well pad dweller in Karoo:

Story time with Big Gas

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Discussing the need for energy companies to publicly disclose the chemicals they are injecting into and then extracting from the ground, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar: “So we are engaged today … in a conversation with industry …”

The full article is here, but this sums it up:

But he wouldn’t say whether Interior will move ahead with a rule to compel disclosure. “We are looking at it,” Salazar said, noting “active conversations” with the industry and others.

It seems to me that we are on our own.  The government and the corporations have been successfully merged.