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Organic? Not so fast.

“If the air is fouled and the animals are drinking water that contains poisonous fracking chemicals, then products from those animals are going to have poisons …”

via How gas drilling contaminates your food – Sustainable food –

The vast majority of the upper Susquehanna region has been undergoing a local, organic, sustainable agriculture revolution.  The frack industry will surely compromise those efforts, making it that much more difficult for the region to compete and survive, post-frack.


Adding Frack Water to Acid Mine Drainage?

It ordered a seventh firm to stop injecting “frac fluid” and brine it receives from drillers into an abandoned mine near Saltsburg in Indiana County, Pa.

This is a little publicized waste water practice.  Hard to even comprehend.  Abandoned mines seep water forever.  What is the thought behind mixing in frack water?  Unbelieveable.

via EPA Orders Fracking Drillers To Disclose Disposal Practices – Jeff McMahon – The Ingenuity of the Commons – Forbes.

He declined to name the chemical foaming agent!

Sad, so sad


Texas Company Pays $208,625 in Settlements for Polluting Creeks in Clearfield County |

The fines collected for the pollution of these streams is being used to purchase limestone to mitigate effects of pollution on other streams from coal mining!

What a sick circle of life death for our streams!

How do they even fracking know?

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Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy officials say the environmental impact is minimal.

via News and Talk of Sonoma County.

Their solution is dilution

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Are citizen journalists all we have left?

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Concerned – | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – Williamsport-Sun Gazette.

I’ve posted on this issue before, but htis is the first I’ve heard of some of the effects.

Again, disgusted.

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