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What about the benefits?

Representative plans talk about Chesapeake Bay – SunGazette.com | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – Williamsport-Sun Gazette.

Our river is under assault from big gas and all we can think to say is that it will cost more to flush your toilet. How about cleaning our wastewater is a good thing.  And then how about taking a stand for your constituents by going after big gas and the frackers!!

Currently, only nitrates & phosphates must be reduced. The gas industry (including its roads, pipelines, impoundments, etc) has the potential to greatly increase sediment loads, total dissolved solids, and more than likely toxics from frack fluids (which cannot be fully treated).  Any or all of these substances could negatively impact the Bay in ways more critical than anything nutrients are currently doing.

Just wait until all of PA’s state forests (those currently leased) are developed for gas.  PA is going to lose much of its existing natural buffering.  And that is going to affect EVERYONE.  So even if you don’t care about our forests and our natural environments, our waterways are being affected.  That bird is going to come home to roost.

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